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This week I had an absolutely novel experience–I ran out of knitting projects! Yes, indeed, Finny came to call, and his visit was most unexpected this time. (Okay, so I still have two pair of socks that I’m trying to ignore, but they’re in the “hibernating” pile, so they don’t really count as active knitting.) I think I could probably count on one hand the number of times this has happened to me. At first it seemed quite awful, and then I realized that I could go shopping in my stash! It was a very liberating conclusion, let me tell you. You see, as much as I tell myself that it’s okay to stash something if it calls to me, I often end up feeling guilty about the size of my stash. I know it isn’t as large as that of some knitters, but it has garnered the occasional comment from my well-meaning husband (we do live in a very small house, so I can’t say I blame him). But really, isn’t that what stash is for? Doesn’t it exist to prevent us from running out of knitting? I say the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

So, I went to my stash on Sunday night and found a kit for this hat and these mitts. Voila! However, it’s so rare for me to have only one project on needles–it’s a rather uncomfortable feeling, to tell you the truth. It’s fortunate for me, then, that my husband has just worn through his old mittens and needs a new pair. Oh, and then there’s a shawl kit that’s been eyeing me from its place on my craft bookshelf…. Hmmm. Something tells me I’m going to feel comfortable very soon!

How about you? Do you stash more than you knit, or vice-versa? Please share below!