As the heat of summer’s kiss fades and we enter the long period of winter darkness, our thoughts naturally run to sharing knitted warmth with our knit-worthy family and friends; however, I think I speak for all knitters when I say that knitting for even the most appreciative recipient can be nerve-wracking. As a local-yarn-store worker, I’m often asked to help choose colors, patterns, yarns, etc. for customers. Of course, it’s always nice to get a second opinion from someone who isn’t emotionally involved in the gift, but the ultimate decision has to be up to the knitter. And everything really boils down to the title of today’s post: “Pick what you like.”

Now, don’t take that to mean that if the knitter loves yellow but Grandma looks dead in it, Grandma gets a yellow scarf anyway. No, no. We should definitely keep our recipients in mind. But it does mean that we don’t have to drive ourselves crazy trying to anticipate what others may or may not like. We all have different tastes, but if we choose something that appeals to us, then the gift will come from the heart.

How about you? Do you knit for family and friends? Please share below!