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No, the tip of the week is not on hold–but some of my stitches certainly are! You see, I’ve been working on some mittens for an upcoming class, and I’m doing a gusset-type thumb, which means that I have to put my thumb stitches on hold while I knit the rest of each mitten. I love the flexibility of putting my stitches on waste yarn (versus a rigid stitch holder), but sometimes when I do so, the stitches on each end “disappear.” This is merely a result of the tension created when working into the neighboring body stitches, but it still makes things difficult when it’s time to return my held stitches to needles. So, what’s a Knitter to do? Well, here’s my personal solution to the problem:

On Hold 1

On Hold 2

Voila! As you can see, I’ve inserted a locking stitch marker into the three edge stitches on each side of the thumb gusset. All of the stitches are on waste yarn, and the edge stitches get a little reinforcement. Three stitches might be overkill, but I figure that if I’m going to be cautious, I may as well make a good job of it!

How about you? Do you prefer waste yarn or stitch holders? Please share below!