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(c) Hayley Andrews

(c) Hayley Andrews

How many times have you finished a project, only to discover that you’re not actually finished, due to the zillion ends that you have yet to weave in? I just HATE that feeling–and I’m betting you do, too.

Well, after much self-inflicted torture, I finally realized that if I weave in my ends as I work my projects, I’ll save myself time and frustration at the end. And, you know what? It works! Somehow the tails aren’t as onerous when I only have to do a couple at a time. Weaving in my ends as I work also spares me the insanity of having little yarn ends dangling everywhere and tangling at every opportunity.

Really, the main criterion for determining whether to weave now or later is your confidence in the correctness of your knitting. If you later find that you need to rip back your work, picking out the secured tails can be done, but it’s rather fiddly (and your yarn has been cut). Also, consider the number of ends that you’re creating as you work, and ask yourself if you really want to face them all at once, when the knitting is finished. Case in point: I’m currently making a blanket composed of 685 hexagons (see photo above); each hexagon has two ends. I can honestly say that if I were to wait until the end of the project to weave in all 1370 tails, the blanket would never be finished! Instead, I’ve made it a policy to weave in each hexagon’s tails directly after finishing said hexagon.

How about you? Do you weave in your tails as you work? Please share below!