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I hate having tails dangling from my work, almost as much as I hate having to weave them in when I’m done. In fact, I often weave in my tails shortly after creating them, so that I don’t have a bunch to tackle when finishing my piece. Splicing is a great way to join in new balls of yarn without creating tails, but it’s not appropriate for every knitting context (more about splicing in a later post!). Also, it’s kind of messy, and I don’t always feel like fussing with it. More often than not, I just add in my new yarn when I run out of my old yarn, and away I knit. But there are always those tails–coming loose and getting in my way. What to do?

Tie a Bow

(c) Hayley Andrews

(c) Hayley Andrews

The first time I saw someone do this, I literally had to refrain from smacking myself on the forehead. “Of course! It’s so simple!” And the best part? It secures the surrounding stitches, but it doesn’t leave a knot! Pretty nifty, huh?

Well, that’s all for now, folks! How about you? Do you tie bows in your knitting? Please share below!