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I just have to say–I looooove sticky notes! They’re some of the most useful things I keep in my knitting bag, right up there with stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needles, and my measuring tape. In teaching, however, I often come across folks who are unfamiliar with the wonders of sticky notes. I have, therefore, compiled a list of (knitting-related) uses for these handy-dandy little critters.

(1) This one is pretty obvious, but sticky notes are absolutely fabulous for making notes in your pattern books without actually writing in them (more on that in a future post).

(2) Also fairly obvious is their usefulness as place-markers in your patterns. Have you ever put a project down for “just a little bit,” only to pick it up a year later and wonder where in the world you left off? I know you’ve been there, and so have I. Thanks to my sticky notes, though, I know exactly where I need to start back in on my pattern.

(3) I’m a chart-loving lace knitter, so sticky notes are definitely my BFFs when it comes to keeping track of my chart rows. I like that I can place my stickies above the chart row I’m working on, leaving preceding rows visible and covering up future rows (it’s all about focus).

(4) One of the more creative uses that I’ve seen involves attaching notes to knitting projects with stickies (I’ve never done it, but never say never). Of course, the notes don’t stick very well to yarn, which is where pins or locking stitch markers come in handy. Knitters can leave themselves little reminders (i.e., “left front,” “right front,” etc.), which is pretty cool, if you think about it.

(5) A rather obscure use that I’ve found has to do with labeling circular needles. It actually works quite well to write the needle size and length on the sticky note (use a smaller sticky) and then fold it in half around the cord of the circular needle. Voila!

(6) Larger sticky notes can be used to communicate with friends and family while knitting. “Shhh! I’m Counting!” and “Do Not Disburb” are two examples.

Well, that’s all I can come up with. What about you? Do you use sticky notes in your knitting? If so, for what? Please feel free to share in the comments section below. As for me, I’m off to buy some 3M stock!