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The knitted cast-on is often under-appreciated, having been replaced by the long-tail cast-on as the go-to cast-on for many knitters these days (guilty as charged). There are, of course, a couple of good reasons for this: (1) The knitted cast-on can look a little bit loopy–especially when used to cast on ribbing; and (2) it requires a slip-knot if used as a foundation cast-on, which is difficult to disguise on circular projects. On the other hand, the knitted cast-on also has much to recommend it: (1) It only uses one strand of yarn, so it’s a great option to use if your pattern tells you to add stitches to your existing knitting by casting on at the beginning or end of a row; (2) it’s stretchy, making it a nice choice for casting on garter stitch and other similarly elastic patterns; and (3) because it uses only one strand, you’ll never run out of yarn before you’re finished casting on!

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video, then give it a try for yourself!

Happy stitching!