Dear Diary,

Today, after months of procrastination and deliberation, I finally started my knitting blog. Blogging is such a new experience for me, and I find it a little intimidating. You see, I have all these grand visions for what I want it to be. Not only do I want it to be a great resource for knitters who are using my patterns, but I want it to capture the larger essence of Knitting.

Knitting can be a fickle mistress. Some days she’ll greet you at the door with a smile; other days, you’re just as likely to be thrown out on your ear. The trick is to accept her for what she is–a companion through thick and thin, a comforter when life’s got you down, a gift you give in celebration. For me, Knitting is all these things and more. It’s a destination and a journey. I’ve decided to buckle up and enjoy the ride! Everyone’s welcome to come along….